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MRTA Conference on Macao Radiology 2015

11/09/2015 (Fri) - 13/09/2015 (Sun) All Day


The 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of Macao Radiological Technologists’ Association” will be held jointly by MRTA on 12th & 13th of September 2015 in the Lotus Hall on the 14th floor of Kiang Wu Hospital Dr. Henry Y. T. Fok Specialist Medical Center. Professionals and experts from the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT), China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be invited to participate and give a keynote speech during the conference. We hope that by means of this seminar it will help to encourage radiological industries from different countries and regions not just for sharing and exchanging their expertise but promoting each other’s friendship as well.