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14/05/2015 (Thu) - 16/05/2015 (Sat) All Day


Globally, cancer represents a major source of burden on human health. Observations over the past two decades indicate a persistent rising trend in cancer incidences across all ages, but conversely, cancer-related deaths have declined over time. The inverse relationship offers much optimism in past and present efforts against this dreadful disease, and arguably, radiology as a discipline, encompassing diagnostic radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, interventional and radiation oncologists, has contributed significantly to this cause. Ranging from advances in early detection and diagnosis like the implementation of mammographic screening for early breast cancer to the advent of intensity-modulated/imaged-guided radiotherapy in the treatment of several human cancers, the contribution of radiology community in cancer care is considerable. On this note, RadiologyAsia 2015 aims to deliver an integrated forum for the entire radiology community to showcase the new, celebrate the landmark successes, and educate the young who will eventually ensure the continued progress and prosperity of this exciting and innovative discipline.